Dutch Cheese Selection


Perfect for a small cheese platter, if new to cheese or wish to give to a friend

Basil & Garlic Gouda
This creamy smooth cheese has been delicately seasoned with basil and garlic.
The slightly higher fat content gives the cheese a richer flavour and creamier texture.
It is easy to melt, grate or slice, great on bagels and in omelets.

Moulin Original
This soft and creamy cheese looks like a Gouda but has a distinctive taste,
that reminds you of a camembert or brie.

Olive Gouda
This cheese brings a new distinctive taste to the plain Gouda cheese.
This cheese infuses the traditional flavour cow’s milk cheese
with sun-ripened tomatoes and mild olives.
This savoury cheese is ideal for both warm and cold pasta dishes and brings
that special touch to sandwiches and wraps.



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