European Cheese Selection


Perfect for a small cheese platter, if new to cheese or wish to give to a friend

Brie Coeur de Lion
Imported from France
A French Brie is characterized by a delicious full bodied taste,
which becomes stronger as the cheese ages.
This evolution goes hand in hand with the transformation
of the cheese’s texture from chalky to creamy.

Dutch Maasdam
Imported from the Netherlands
Based on the Swiss Emmentaler.
It is a sweet nutty cheese with large holes.
Ideal for melting for your next fondue,
in combination with a Gouda Soft/Tasty.
(2/3 Maasdam & 1/3 Gouda Soft/Tasty)

Meyer Fenugreek
3 Months Old
This Meyer Gouda Cheese has an excellent aroma.
The seeds give off a sweet smell, which is evident once cutting open the cheese.
The taste is also mild, sweet and nutty.



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