Meyer Cheese Selection


A selection of approximately 500g in total,
perfect for a small cheese platter, if new to cheese or wish to give to a friend

Garlic & Chives
3 Months Old
A traditional Dutch style, Meyer Gouda Cheese, made in New Zealand.
For those who love Garlic, this Gouda is packed with it good strong flavour.
The chives not only make the cheese look good but round off the
sharpness of the garlic so you still enjoy the taste of cheese.

3 Months Old
This Meyer Gouda Cheese has an excellent aroma.
The seeds give off a sweet smell, which is evident once cutting open the cheese.
The taste is also mild, sweet and nutty.

Cracked Pepper
3 Months Old
For those who love pepper, try it!
Cracked Pepper Gouda is made from cracked whole black and white pepper corns,
hand mixed and  aged for about 8 weeks.



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